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The fun begins  where…   the PAVEMENT ENDS.


HOT DEALS to make your truck Cornfed!

Not to be outdone, we have built some of our best research and design work on our own trucks.  This black Tacoma that you see more than once here has gone through about 5 major configuration changes developing and testing different setups and alternative options as we work them up as potential options for our customers.

In an effort to stay in complete compliance with Virginia lift laws we built this Solid Axle Swap to sit on only 8” of lift and 35’s on 8” wide rims.  This kept the cost down, and still made for a pretty stout wheeling rig.

Anyone that says the crew at Cornfed don’t wheel hard, hasn’t hung around long enough.  We play hard, build our setups to take on anything, even going airborne...

This truck, a 93 4Runner, simply insisted that it didn’t want a Toyota motor...after 130,000 miles and two 3.0 problem motors, she was rebuilt to be a monster.  We put a pair of 1 ton 8 lug axles under her, and a bored/stroked 383 to give it the power it really needed.

Solid Axle project #1

Flying Trucks   

Baby Solid Axle

More power can be a good thing.

Cornfed R&D Projects

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