Cornfed Suspension


The fun begins† whereÖ†† the PAVEMENT ENDS.


HOT DEALS to make your truck Cornfed!


A simple steel slider bar or an all out flatbed, we have the welding and tube bending equipment to make your truck a true Cornfed beast.† We also offer a variety of components and pieces required to do a solid axle swap, if you donít have the capabilities to manufacture all of the parts needed for your swap.

Welding and fabrication capabilities

If you need a custom coil spring spacer for any coil spring application, send us an email with what your desired setup is and any clarifying details and we will try our best to either manufacture a solution or explain to you why we are unable to help you or why it isnít feasible.

Custom coil spring spacer design

From mild to wild, Cornfed Suspension has done multiple complete solid axle swaps from a Dana 44 swap to fit 35ís on minimal lift to Dana 60 swap with 39ís and dual transfer cases.

Solid Axle Swaps

As† work with offroad trucks progress, often a pulling truck is added to the stable.† We are developing some additions to our product line to support† these work horses as well to keep the working hard and in top form.

Tow Rig support